Hand To Mouth Theatre is the creative partnership between Martin Bridle and Su Eaton. Together, they have been delighting audiences with their witty and whimsical puppet performances at festivals, theatres and in schools in the UK and around the world – for over 40 years.

From 2021 they will be concentrating on outdoor festival performances, and no longer performing in schools and theatres.

Martin and Su met at Exeter College of Art and Design and have made a living, and provided for two children, exclusively using their creative talents without ever having to get "a proper job"!
MARTIN BRIDLE: I take nonsense seriously! I call on influences as diverse as the artist Bruce Lacey and Bagpuss, with all points in between including Spike Milligan, Les Dawson, Rupert the Bear, the automatist Paul Spooner, and Outsider Artists in general. Humour can be at odds with the world of Fine Art, but I value it as a gift that not everyone is given, and it is a gift that by its nature is one to be shared. I’m delighted that I discovered the world of Puppet Theatre, and can incorporate my Jack of All Trades abilities into a cohesive whole.
SU EATON: I have always loved drawing, painting, singing, playing music and working with young children, so it is a privilege to have been able to continue doing all of these things throughout my life in the sometimes aptly named Hand to Mouth Theatre. I can also keep a straight face when required, have learnt to play the hurdy-gurdy, and can keep my feet on the ground while Martin's head is in the clouds!